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Giving Deadline: Midnight (CST)

Annual Giving Goal

Endowment Quick Facts

Thank You. In October 2020, the brothers and friends of GEAA donated more than $120,000  surpassing our initial goal of $100,000. .

The Donated Money Is Invested

Tuskegee University never withdraws any of the principal; only the interest earned from our donations is used to fund our endowment scholarships

GEAA Scholarship Endowment is Restricted

GEAA will identify the elgibility requirements for Tuskegee University students to receive the GEAA Scholarship Endowment 

Perputuity = Legacy

Our endowment is permanent. It provides support for its designated purpose forever – supporting generations to come


Payable To TU

All payments are payable to Tuskegee University -and in the memo section of the donation form, add GEAA Achievement Scholarship E1945. Donations are tax deductible.


Collecting Pledges and Donations

By Homecoming 2020 raised $120,000. Our next goal is $200,000 by the end of 2021. Donations and completed pledges are are equally important to our cause. You can take action today: make a one-time donation; set up recurring payments; or make a pledge. The combination of these options give the committee the ability to forecast current and future donations.


You Can Send …

(Endowment Scholarship: GEAA E1945)

One Time Donation

Follow these steps to donate online:

  1. Go to www.tuskegee.edu/give
  2.  Select One-time gift
  3.  Select Annual Fund Restricted
  4.  Select – Endowed Scholarships
  5.  Specify Endowment – type in GEAA E1945

Donation By Mail

Download Form

Mail form to:  Tuskegee University Office of Development , P.O. Box 1304, Tuskegee Institute, AL 36087.  Payable to Tuskegee University. 

  •  Click Give, select type of gift
  •  Select Annual Fund Restricted
  •  Select – Endowed Scholarships
  •  Specify Endowment – type in GEAA E1945

Recurring Payment

Complete the Form

Avoid a lump-sum payment and make smaller gifts over time.

  1. Go to www.tuskegee.edu/give
  2. Select Recurring Gift
  3. Type in start date for payments
  4.  Select Annual Fund Restricted
  5.  Select Endowed Scholarship
  6.  Specify Endowment –  type in GEAA E1945


If you have any questions about your gift, please contact ddavis@tuskegee.edu or by phone at (334) 727-8550

Ask Line Brothers

There is nothing like your “Ships”.

“The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts”. We want each line ambassador to ask their shipmates for  participation in our endowment campaign. No amount is too small, we want everyone to contribute to our goal.

Circle of Friends

Don’t underestimate the power of your “influence”

Studies show almost 60% of donors made a donation as a result of an “ask” from family and friends. Make their donations go to the GEAA Achievement Scholarship – E1945

Company Match

Double It

Matching gifts are very important to our endowment beacause it is free money. Fortunately, GEAA has many members who work for employers that have matching gift programs. Maximize the impact of your donation, learn more about your employers gift matching program.


Make your contribution of $1,000 or more within one year with recurring payments -or a one-time gift

Extraordinary generosity equals extraordinary impact: on the lives of Tuskegee University students; on the future of our community; on the world.

GEAA honors the generosity of supporters who have made donations totaling $1,000 and up with special recoginition. This legacy is more than a number: It is an affirmation of your belief in the potential of our students and university.

We thank you for your support and are pleased to recognize your generosity.

Double Your Impact.

Matching Gift Form

Check your company’s website for their matching gift program. The gift must be paid, not pledged. The company’s matching gift form must be sent to Tuskegee Univ. to indicate the payment(s) that are matched. Typically, company’s match gifts that have been made in the last 12 months to qualify for a matching gift.

Steps To Match

  1. Send a one-time donation along with your company’s matching gift form to Tuskegee Univeristy
  2. If your donation is payroll deducted, the employer sends a single check equal to the sum of: a) the amount held back from the your paycheck(s); b) the company’s matching dollars.

Follow Up 

The matching gift program benefits the GEAA Endowment and your company’s outreach to a broad range of communities. Our Endowment Committee wants to follow-up on the matching gift (confirming Tuskegee Univ. verifies your donation and/or has received the matching gift).

Important: When your company approves your matching gift notify the Endowment Committee, by email,  when matching gifts are processed and mailed. Notify us, so we can  ensure Tuskegee University credits your company’s matching gift to our endowment – GEAA E1945.

Your Gift Is The Difference

If a lump-sum payment doesn’t fit the budget, consider a smaller recurring payment. Set your donation goal with recurring payments with a predetermined schedule

* Recurring monthly payments will occur at the same time each month; cancel anytime payments art tax deductble

Why I Donated …

Contributions are tax-deductible, payable to Tuskegee University. Specify in the form our endowment GEAA Achievement Scholarship – E1945

“I have 3 loves – family, Tuskegee and Kappa Alpha Psi. I’ve given back to Tuskegee for the past 15 years. It’s always been to the General Fund. With GEAA, I can support Tuskegee (as we all should) and I can continue to espouse the fundamentals of Phi Nu Pi by doing what we are called to do “love and honor thee. We are called to make a difference. Through GEAA, I can make a difference.”

Mike Brazzell

Tuskegee Univ. Alumnus | KA&#936

I give to make a difference. I feel a duty to help the next generation. It’s critical that we make every effort to support our institutions financially. We can’t afford to wait on others to do what we can do for ourselves.

Greg Kight

Tuskegee Univ. Alumnus | KA&#936

I am contributing to the GEAA Foundation because support for Mother Tuskegee is a must to sustain it’s existence, plus we must give to our collegiate brothers to help them complete their undergraduate work, and have reduced debt after graduating.


Billy Abrams

Tuskegee Univ. Alumnus | KA&#936

“Tuskegee University prepared me to be successful in my career. It is my duty and obligation as an Alumni to give back and help give opportunities for education that were afforded to me. Golden Tiger for life!!!”

Ken Jeffries

Tuskegee Univ. Alumnus | KA&#936

“It is important for me to support Tuskegee University and my fraternity brothers cause. My contribution is a step toward reducing college debt for our students and helping build Tuskegee University’s endowment.”

Greg Nixon

Tuskegee Univ. Alumnus|KA&#936

“With rising college costs there is a big need. So – contributing to our endowment makes sense to me. I donated and my company matched it. Tuskegee University is a big contributor to my success – and I want the recipients of our scholarships to have the opportunity to feel the same .”

Steve Sealey

Tuskegee Univ. Alumnus|KA&#936

Matching Companies

Thank you to the companies that matched the donations of their employees to the GEAA Achievement Scholarship Endowment. Many companies offer matching gift programs to their employees. Learn more about your company’s matching gifts program. 

Endowment Committee

You can email the committee at endowment@lighthousechapter.com

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Sam Sealey

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Gary Rahman

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Steve Cephus

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